General About Rentals Questions

Are there SEO optimizable options for apartment listings?

Look for Page Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description and Apartment Picture Alt Text . All these features optimize your apartment listing! Isn’t this a great perk of AboutRentals?


Can I add multiple photos to one apartment listing?

Of course! You can edit an apartment listing or make a new one and you’ll see the option to add multiple photos. Just look out for Apartment Gallery. 


Can I edit apartment listings after adding them?

Of course! Click on Manage Apartments of the left sidebar and click on Manage Apartments again. You should see all the apartments listed there. Click on the apartment you want to edit and make all the necessary changes. Here is a video that shows you how to edit the apartment.


Can I export listings to Craiglist?

Yes! This is one of the coolest features from the About Rentals plugin.
Go to the WordPress console that manages all your apartment listings.
You’ll see a column called Craigslist Content .

Click on View and you’ll see the listing with some html code beneath it. Copy and paste the HTML code into the Craigslist posting body.

This feature ensures that you don’t have to re-type all the information and add all the images into your Craigslist post.

Can I have the About Rentals Plugin installed and configured for us?

Absolutely! We have been helping companies all over the United States with their rental web presence for over 20 years and would be happy to help you with yours.  Please use our contact form to reach out to us about how we can help you with this process.

Contact us here…

Do you have videos of the About Rentals Plugin In Action?

Why yes, yes we do.  Plenty of them…

see our youtube playlist:


Does About Rentals Plugin Support Real Estate Listings?

Yes.  we recently added these features.  You can now list any real estate you may have for sale and manage it similarly to your rental properties all in one WordPress dashboard.

How do I add a featured listing?

Go to the WordPress with the Apartment listings and the last column
titled Featured will allow you to toggle that option. You can do this while you create an apartment as well by clicking on Add New .
Scroll down until you find Featured and click on the checkbox.

There is one more way to make an apartment featured (or not featured).
This can be done through our nifty Availability Manager feature.

How do I add an apartment listing?

Great question! Click on Manage Apartments of the left sidebar and click on Manage Apartments again. This will take you to a page with all the apartments listed (or it will be empty if you have no apartments listed so far. Click on Add New at the top and fill in the details of your new apartment listing.

Finally, scroll up and hit Publish to publish the changes. There are so many features that will help you describe your apartment in the best way possible so makes sure to check out our videos that show these features in detail!


How do I purchase the “About Rentals” plugin to get unlimited properties profiles?

Just go to https://about-rentals.com/purchase/ and click the SUBSCRIBE button to activate your purchase.  An email will be sent to you with the activation code.  Your basic install is limited to 5 communities and 5 apartments until the subscription is activated.  The subscription allows you to have all future feature releases also.

How do I setup a new community?

On the left side bar in your WordPress console, click on Manage Communities and Add New. Enter features such as name, owner, location, amenities, pictures, videos and lots more! Remember that features you set into your communities will apply to all apartments in that community.


How do I setup the organization of my apartments or houses?

We have built About Rentals so that you can create multiple units inside of one community.  This make it so that a house can be a community of sorts because you might have a 6 bedroom house that you rent in 3 ways –  as a 6 bedroom, as a 2 bedroom, as a 4 bedroom.  This way you can list it as a 6 bedroom, 4 bedroom or 2 bedroom.  Once the 2 bedroom rents, now the 6 bedroom would need to be marked as unavailable (as only the 4 bedroom side is now available.  On the other side of the coin if you rent it as a 6 bedroom then the 4 bedroom and the 2 bedroom would need to be taken offline.  This gives you lots of flexibility to rent a house in multiple ways.

Communities also apply to buildings or clusters of buildings.  You might have a building that has 40 units in it, you would create a community then build individual apartments that go in that community with different quantities depending on how many of each unit you have available to rent. So much flexibility!!

I have a YouTube video of an apartment or community tour, can I add that?

Of course you can! Just get the link of the YouTube video.
Paste the link at the text bar named YouTube Video at the WordPress at Manage Apartment or Manage Listing .


I have some very important apartments that I want to be show in a high priority top position, can I change that?

Yes! Just add 0 (the number zero) to the Listing Priority section where you edit your listing in WordPress.


Once Installed, how do I use the shortcodes?

We support many different shortcodes and many more to come as we develop the About Rentals Plugin.  For all shortcodes please go to the shortcode reference page below:


What are some of the features included in About Rentals
  • Apartment listing that meet SEO guidelines
  • Apartment amenities manager for adding any amenity under the sun.
  • Community features manager for adding any feature that any community might have
  • Rent, square footage, area, location, and various other customizable search options
  • Export your listings to Craiglist through our easy Export HTML feature.
  • Youtube Video embedded on communities or apartments profiles
  • Availability manager for allowing specific availability to apply to apartments so they can rent faster
  • Reduce your calls-to-showings ratios by over 70% by using our apartment availability manager
  • Subscriptions include all future updates as long as payment subscription is current
  • Users can add apartments to their favorites and email their friends about their saved apartments, property managers receive copies of these emails
  • Virtual Tour Uploads
  • Image gallery tools for communities and apartments
  • Availability manager allows property managers to easily update listings when apartments are rented
  • Full real estate listing options.  Now add real estate for sale to your website with our Real Estate Listing features.  All included in your monthly subscription price.
What do I do if I want to add a leasing special?

Simply click on the Leasing Special option on the left sidebar in your WordPress console. Select an existing leasing special to edit it or add a new one. Now you can set the start and end date of the special, add text/ images and select which apartments receive the leasing special through a list of them you’ll find below.

Keep in mind that if you select a future leasing date, it will not be shown on the page until the actual date of the special. You have the option of changing the leasing date accordingly at any time.

Another great feature of the About Rentals Plugin is that we track all modifications of your leasing specials to make sure you are in compliance with HOA and federal non-discriminatory leasing practices.