Separate your content and themes from your apartment and real estate listings.  There are many great WordPress themes out there that have apartment search tools, but none of them allow you to change your theme (and site look and feel) without losing your listings.   Our system allows you to change themes and not have to recreate the wheel in a new system.   Easily swap out your theme and keep your apartment listings and SEO links and URLs working while accomplishing a new look.  That is just one of many features you get with our monthly subscription to the About Rentals Premier WordPress Apartment plugin.






About Rentals – Premiere WordPress Real Estate and Rental Manager Plugin allows your organization to easily create and enter all of your real estate and apartment communities, houses,

or apartments and have them Search Engine Optimized for the major search engines to find your listings and direct users to your site to rent your apartments faster.  You may enter 5 entries into the system to test it, out and see if it will work for you.  We want you to subscribe to this plugin and we have made it easy to buy a key for your domain to activate your plugin in your WordPress instance.

This plugin is 20 years in the making. Over 20 years of research and development in the property management industry has been built into this amazing tool. Read the feature list below, but this is just a fraction of the tools available in this plugin. The About Rentals Plugin will support 5 communities and 5 apartments per community, if you are interested in adding unlimited communities and apartments, purchase our pro version license for $50/month. Click the link below to setup the monthly billing via PayPal.


  1. Apartment listing that meet SEO guidelines
  2. Apartment amenities manager for adding any amenity under the sun.
  3. Community features manager for adding any feature that any community might have
  4. Rent, square footage, area, location, and various other customizable search options
  5. Export your listings to Craiglist through our easy Export HTML feature. 
  6. Youtube Video embedded on communities or apartments profiles
  7. Availability manager for allowing specific availability to apply to apartments so they can rent faster
  8. Reduce your calls-to-showings ratios by over 70% by using our apartment availability manager
  9. Subscriptions include all future updates as long as payment subscription is current
  10. Users can add apartments to their favorites and email their friends about their saved apartments, property managers receive copies of these emails
  11. Virtual Tour Uploads
  12. Image gallery tools for communities and apartments
  13. Availability manager allows property managers to easily update listings when apartments are rented.