About Rentals

WordPress Apartment Management and Real Estate Plugin

Separate your content and themes from your apartment and real estate listings.  Take back control of your website.   Then get lunch.  

Features & AWesomeness

Build your listings in minutes.  Publish out to the web with ease.  SEO friendly, export HTML descpriptions to Craigslist. It even makes coffee for you (does not actually make coffee 🙂


Real estate listings too! What!?

In addition to all of the features of About Rentals, it also includes a Real Estate Listing tool to list any of your properties you might have for sale.   So many features, so little time. 


shortcuts & Widgets, OH MY!!

We have designed About Rentals to allow you to easily embed shortcodes or our search widget directly into your website with ease.  Even have videos you can watch to guide you through it.  Easy Peasy.

This thing is perfect for our business.  We have been building static pages or paying for some service for the past few years.  We now use the About Rentals plugin and have the support we need and get all the feature updates for such a low monthly cost.  It’s perfect for us.  

Patricia - Property Manager of 20 years

With over 20 years in the real estate industry...

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